CBS Reporter Hank Plante Spanks Newsom For On-Air Hissy Fit

Do we all remember when Mayor Gavin Newsom got huffy with the press last fall for covering his media silence after dropping out of the governor's race? The most gruesome example was when he got ticked off at CBS' even-keeled Hank Plante on-camera when the political reporter dared to ask him about where he'd been.

Newsom first tried to change the subject to the budget. Plante resisted. At the end, Newsom rips off his microphone and chides the reporter on his way out the door: "Off the record, I'm amazingly disappointed." We thought for a second we were experiencing deja vu of the old Dan Noyes days. 

Well, if anyone thought Plante went home and licked his wounds -- you'd be wrong. The reporter had a pretty biting critique of Newsom's tantrum in an interview with the Bay Area Reporter this week.

"That one surprised me because I thought he was more professional that that," Plante told the paper. "In my experience the real pros don't take it personally. They know it is not personal."

Why talk about this now? Well, Plante is in a reminiscent mood since he's accepting a buyout from the TV station and retiring at the end of this month. Plante is planning to move to Palm Springs. But he thought the mayor should go ahead and run for lieutenant governor.

"Should he run? Yeah. Why not, he has to do something, doesn't he?"

Rawr, right back at you, mayor.
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