Carly Fiorina's Latest Insane Attack Ad Leaves Us Counting 'Demon Sheep'

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Republican candidate for senate Carly Fiorina clearly feels the path to victory will be forged by depicting her opponents as Terry Gilliam-esque monsters -- or she's been snowed by cunning filmmakers who wanted to make crazy, crazy movies to amuse their pot-smoking buddies and get paid top dollar to boot.

The above masterpiece comes on the heels of an attack ad portraying Fiorina's Republican opponent, Tom Campbell, as a member of the caprinac family, and sporting glowing red eyes and a menacing air. Not only was he a sheep -- he was a sheep that wanted to raise your taxes.

And now ... this. Sen. Barbara Boxer, as you can see, has been depicted as a malevolent dirigible, floating over picturesque California locales and terrifying human and canine actors apparently instructed to wave their arms about like silent film thespians and flee, stage left.

Truly we've come to a bizarre fork in the road when anyone in the employ of a political campaign is officially tasked with creating imagery depicting a sitting senator's head swelling and morphing into a flying machine. Did you ever think you'd be reminded of the Mr. Creosote scenes in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life by a political ad?

I guess this means that John Cleese, Terry Jones, or the aforementioned Terry Gilliam ever run for higher office, they won't even have to bother making commercials. Just run a few old Monty Python videos and watch those votes roll in.

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