A Peek at Lascivious Anti-Newsom Mailers

Yesterday we reported on a viscerally anti-Gavin Newsom flier landing in mailboxes across the state. In addition to a pair of eye-popping photos, the anonymous postcard gives the phone numbers of two political consultants -- who say they don't know what the hell is going on here -- and lists the return address of another -- who is also mystified.

Oakland's Larry Tramutola was befuddled to find his address on the mailer. When asked what else there was on the postcard, he answered "There's a picture of Gavin with what looks like a butthole instead of where a mouth is, if I may be so rude, and another picture on the right-hand side of Gavin looking down a woman's blouse." It turns out Tramutola's description of the mailer was dead-on:


Garry South -- that'd be "Garry" -- did not return SF Weekly's call. But he did tell the Los Angeles Daily News that he was uninvolved with this item. Clint Reilly ("Clint") told SF Weekly that the only call he's gotten was from Tramutola. "I have no idea who the scoundrel is behind this," he said of the postcards.

Calls to Newsom for Lieutenant Governor spokesman Peter Ragone were not returned.

As we noted yesterday, similar mailers were sent out in 2007 featuring the photo of Newsom ogling San Francisco's Twin Peaks. Those, however, implored recipients to call politicos Jim Sutton and Eric Jaye and had Newsom's mayoral campaign hedquarters as the return address.

SF Weekly has been unable to get a hold of the people behind the defunct and/or dormant Web sites, gavinsucks.com and gavinwatch.com.

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