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A look back at the queer week that was in the Bay Area and beyond.

She just wants to go to the prom, is that so wrong?
​The searing heat of gay indignation is shining directly on Jackson, Miss., where Constance McMillen has become a pariah for asking permission to wear a tuxedo and bring a her girlfriend to the prom. Dan Savage isn't happy about it and he's helping people get in touch with the local school board. Of course, there is a Facebook group that is growing by the hundreds every hour (44,900 at 11 p.m. on 3/11).

Naturally, Mississippi isn't the only state exhibiting a surge in homo loathing.

Oklahoma is planning on opting out of the federal requirements for hate crime laws that now extend to covering crimes against LGBTs. In case you weren't aware, "sexual orientation is a very vague word that could be extended to extremes like necrophilia." Now you know.

Florida wants Hollywood to make movies in the state, but will not give a tax credit to films that include gay characters unless those characters were also found in Mayberry.

Same-sex marriage debuted in Washington D.C., but some people complained that coverage of the story was "promoting a faggot lifestyle" which I guess isn't a good thing (?).

Locally, the LGBT Center is hurting for cash and same-sex marriage advocate Mayor Gavin Newsom has found a way to quit us and he is breaking C.W. Nevius' heart.

Also -- state Sen. Roy Ashburn is extremely light in his loafers and was spotted on a date openly promoting a faggot lifestyle by petting a male companion.

Former New York Congressional Rep. Eric Massa isn't gay but he snorkels cocks so he quit his job. I'm not sure what that means. Maybe Roy can tell me.

David W. Carmichael
Johnny! Put that thing away!
Johnny Weir is too queer to ice skate. Really?

Cynthia Nixon is mad as hell and hot as hell even though her manic grin scares me.

Finally -- an enlightening ABC News report from Nightline: "Heterosexuals do not eat poop."

Patrick Connors is a San Fransisco resident, who is happily married -- to a man.

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Photo of Johnny Weir | David W. Carmichael

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