Now You Can Be Gay-Married on Your Census Form

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Count it.
Hooray! It's that magical day when the census form arrives! This year we're even more excited about it, because as you may have read, there's now an option for gay married people to proclaim their actual status.

Also, even if a gay couple with no official marriage license considers itself married, the couple can still select "husband and wife." (The Census enumerators have software that will sort out the gender issues later).

That's a big deal for gays and lesbians because, according to Jennifer Giles of the Census Bureau, Census participation leads to money and political power. Giles writes:

Population data from the Census is used to determine allocation of 435 seats in the House of Representatives and over $400 billion in federal funding every year - for the next decade. For any particular minority group, Census participation can also lead to visibility. It's hard to ignore the civil rights of a population when its number is known.
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