ACLU: Keep Your Hands Off Our Prop. 8 E-Mails!

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Yesterday, federal judge Vaughn Walker lowered the boom on the ACLU and Equality California, and insisted the organizations turn over their internal e-mails and memos even though they aren't actually part of the ongoing legal challenge to Proposition 8.

Today, the ACLU employed the vaunted oh helllllllll no! defense.

"We need to be able to plan and strategize without being afraid that our e-mails and other communications will someday have to be turned over to our opponents," wrote ACLU staff attorney Elizabeth Gill. "These confidential communications inform all of our work in support LGBT equality, and being forced to hand these documents over to our opponents would adversely affect our work throughout the country."

Oh helllllllll no, indeed. 

"We believe the court is wrong on the law and intend to appeal the matter to the federal appeals court," Gill added.
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