Academy of Art Prez Pens Infomercial for Her School -- on SFGate

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What does it behoove SFGate to run an infomercial praising Academy of Art -- written by the school's president?
When SFGate debuted its "City Brights" blogging section, we didn't know what to think. Soon, however, the strategy became apparent -- give a space to every last person in the Bay Area and soon you'll have endless guaranteed page-views. Seriously, click on the link above and get a load of that lineup. It dwarfs the Saturday Night Live writing crew.

After inauspiciously debuting its small army of lightly compensated -- if that -- "luminaries" at just the moment it was pushing some of its most veteran reporters out the door, the City Brights has featured some terrible content, some very good content, and lots in-between. That's the internet for you. No surprises there.

Still, we were surprised to see SFGate's newest Bright -- for now -- debut yesterday: Elisa Stephens. She's the president of Academy of Art University, and the subject of no shortage of articles to be found in SF Gate's archives (or ours, for that matter).

And whether you accuse the Academy of being a real estate scheme or are an ardent backer of the school, it isn't immediately apparent what it benefits SF Gate to allow Stephens to do what she did via yesterday's "article": Make a turgid yet unabashed plug for her school featuring copy one would expect to read in a promotional brochure.

Here are some highlights:

In our own smaller way and within our defined art and design space, the Academy of Art is helping to provide the higher education infrastructure for the Bay Area's companies - like Pixar, Electronic Arts, Apple and Adobe - that need art and design talent to succeed.
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