Your Craigslist Valentines

It's tough to be a single woman on Feb. 14, so we've compiled a list of Valentine's dating ads from Craigslist that may appeal to you. If you don't have eyes like Superman, you can always click on the images for larger versions. The first one we've got for you happens to be from Minneapolis, but based on his heart-shaped chest hair alone, it's clear he's worth worth the trip.


Okay, okay. So it's a little to late to be buying plane tickets to Minnesota. We'll give you some San Francisco options.

Prepare to wipe single tear.
This one knows exactly how to make a young, Asian woman feel special.

Who says finding a good man is more difficult for older women? Clearly they haven't met this guy.
And, finally, although its contents were relatively boring, we also would like to give honorable mention to an ad entitled: "I don't want to have to masturbate on Valentine's Day. 25. (Haight-Ashbury)." That's just classy.

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