Speier Not Running for AG, Horde of Upwardly Mobile Pols Staying Put

Rep. Jackie Speier, seen here with Stephen Colbert, will continue her ride in Washington, D.C.
Rep. Jackie Speier's newly minted spokesman Nathan Ballard just informed the world that his boss will not be leaving Congress to run for state Attorney General.

Congressional seats rarely open -- especially in the Bay Area -- and had the San Francisco and Peninsula Congresswoman vacated her seat it would have sparked a feeding frenzy of political upward mobility. Here's what's not going to happen now: State Sen. Leland Yee won't be attempting to snare a Congressional seat; Assemblywoman Fiona Ma won't be attempting to grab Yee's senate seat; Supervisor Sean Elsbernd won't be gunning for Ma's Assembly seat; and Mayor Gavin Newsom won't be appointing anyone to Elsbernd's seat.

"You know, as I said, these opportunities rarely present themselves," said a monotone Elsbernd. "The opportunity did not present itself."

Speier's staying put also must be a welcome development for candidates who are already vying for the AG spot currently held by all-but-certain gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown: Kamala Harris, Alberto Torrico, Rocky Delgadillo, and others.

A survey put together by Speier's longtime pal, pollster James Moore, recorded 23 percent of likely Democratic voters casting their votes for the Congresswoman; silver-medalist Harris only registered 5 percent ("Undecided" was the big winner at 62 percent). That poll, conveniently enough, was leaked to the Chronicle's Matier and Ross last week.

Eyeballing the poll, however, University of San Francisco professor Corey Cook told SF Weekly that it wasn't necessarily an indicator of a glorious Speier run to the finish. Evidently, he was right. "Give me the name of anybody who's run statewide and they instantaneously fall to the front" of the poll, he said. "If someone comes in with high name recognition, that could, in fact, clear the field. But I'm not certain that's Jackie Speier."

Well, it wasn't.

Update: 3:25 p.m. -- We'll give the last line to former supervisor and State Senator Carole Migden: "No nonaction has ever elicited a more ferocious response!"

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