Shocker: Gavin Newsom Doesn't Know What Lt. Governor Does!

Categories: Politics

Los Angeles City Councilgal Janice Hahn, a Democrat running for lieutenant governor, released an Internet ad today attacking Gavin Newsom, her potential rival in the June primary. The ad shows footage of a past Newsom interview in which the city's mayor says, "What does the lieutenant governor do? For the life of me, I don't know."

The ad concludes by saying we should elect Hahn because she does know (presumably because she took the requisite 30 seconds to read the job description on Wikipedia). It's an amusing if silly hit on the mayor. Is anybody really worried that Newsom -- or anyone else for that matter -- doesn't have what it takes to handle the challenges of a ceremonial do-nothing office?   

Newsom hasn't officially declared himself a candidate for the position, but Janice -- can we call you Janice? -- we get the feeling Gav's gonna run, ahem, whether you like it or not.

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