Report: GOP Candidates Both Have Vaginas, But Different Styles

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Who will be the face of the state's GOP?
That pretty much sums up the Chron's story today about Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina. I gotta agree with Rep. Jackie Speier on this one -- there wouldn't be a story about the contrasting styles of two dudes running for public office.

Some insiders following the candidates say the fascination with the competition between the two women is not only unfair but the kind of comparison that two male candidates at the top of California politics would never face.

"Of course there's room for both of them," said Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier of Hillsborough. "That was the argument raised when Dianne (Feinstein) and Barbara (Boxer) were running for U.S. Senate: 'How can you have two Jewish women from Northern California?' It's preposterous to define them like that."

Another way to remember the differences between the two is that one has spent millions of dollars on polished political ads, and the other produced this.

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