Remembering Joe Lynn

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Joe Lynn
Joe Lynn, a San Francisco good government and transparency advocate who was pitching reporters stories even on his deathbed, died in December after a bout with Leukemia at age 64. He had been living several months on borrowed time, after walking out of California Pacific Medical Center in July, having come so close to death his friends had gathered to decide whether to pull the plug. "I'm told I pulled quite an act there," he said at the time. Now Lynn has one more act planned.

Lynn's friends and admirers are planning a celebration of his life. It's scheduled for 3 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 20 at the San Francisco LGBT Center at 1800 Market Street. At 5:30, the party will break up and those remaining will march to the Ethics Commission nearby on Van Ness. Organizers half-seriously mentioned carrying "pitchforks" and "torches"; Lynn was a former Ethics Commission staffer and commissioner who had become a pointed critic of the body.

For more on Lynn's life, this document is being circulated by his longtime friends:

Joseph Michael Lynn.doc

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