Palin's Palm: What Pearls of Wisdom Lie Within?

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It takes guts to criticize the president for using teleprompters while taking advantage of the manual version on the end of your wrist. But, then, Sarah Palin certainly has plenty of guts (seriously -- they've run out of refrigerator space. Todd had a field day out on the last hunting expedition).

And yet, SF Weekly has discovered that Palin's use of her own personal palm pilot is nothing new. Here's the photographic evidence:

Bar-Hand 024.jpg
Rapid City, S.D., Jan. 11, 2009

Bar-Hand 029.jpg
Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 6, 2010
Bar-Hand 031.jpg
New York City, March 11, 2009
Hand 003.jpg
Houston, Aug. 11, 2009
Bar-Hand 032.jpg
Everywhere, every time

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