Mexican Consulate Says S.F. Supes' Resolution Riddled With Errors

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Uh-oh. The Board of Supervisors would like a word with you people...
As it's wont to do, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Feb. 2 passed a chest-thumping, toothless resolution. This one condemned Mexico for taking measures to privatize the government electric utility known as Luz y Fuerza del Centro.

The resolution  was in keeping with San Francisco's tradition of Walter Mittyish shouts to the wind, in which our city fathers imagine themselves grand arbiters of international affairs. Usually these resolutions disperse into the air like urine ejected from a jumbo jet lavatory.

However, the government of Mexico felt this one to be so egregious as to warrant fact-checking. As it happens there was no privatization. The government transferred Luz y Fuerza del Centro to a much larger power utility called the Comision Federal de Electricidad -- which is, you guessed it, also government-run.

More troubling, by suggesting Mexico continue running the LyFC, one the country's most grossly wasteful bureaucracies -- and in Mexico, that's saying a lot -- rich, first-world San Francisco was essentially telling Mexico it should continue make do with a decrepit, inefficient electricity system that sucks up $23 billion per year because, well, we said so.

Read the letter from the Mexican Consulate to the Board of Supervisors here:


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