It's Your Friday Morning News Quiz -- Incentivized Via a Prize!

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It's fun! It's educational! All right -- you win free shit! Send us your perfect score here and win a prize! And now...

Whose car is this?
1. Did you know the winner of NASCAR's Daytona 500 was given a hero's welcome in San Francisco this week? Of course you didn't. By the way -- who won the Daytona 500?

A. Tony Stewart
B. Jamie McMurray
C. Cale Yarborough
D. Bo Duke

2. Where have hundreds of children forbidden from entering UCSF hospital due to concerns over Swine Flu been forced to wait?

A. Child care centers
B. In the geriatric facility
C. In the cafeteria
D. On Muni

3.Why did former San Francisco cop Joseph Ratti claim the department fired him -- in his lawsuit against the city?

A. He weighs 305 pounds
B. He is left-handed
C. Department superiors accused him of "throwing like a girl"
D. He is dyslexic 

Thumbnail image for bart-train.jpg
Paging Mr. Solzhenitsyn...
4. What's unusual about the signatures gathered for a potential statewide Marijuana-legalization ballot measure?

A. 4,767 of the signers were named "Bong," "Weed," or "Bob Marley"
B. All of the signatures were gathered from the Humboldt area
C. The signatures were gathered electronically
D. The signatures were gathered on Zig Zag rolling paper

5. How did BART board member Tom Radulovich describe BART to SF Weekly?

A. A "worker's paradise"
B. A "gulag"
C. A "pyramid scheme"
D. A "laugh a minute"

6. We asked a pair of oceanographers if the wave that wreaked havoc during Mavericks was truly a "rogue wave." They said no. What is a rogue wave?

A. A wave taller than 50 feet at its crest
B. A wave three times the size of an average wave
C. A wave with enough power to destroy a standard-sized brick wall
D. A wave that hits with a slightly rakish tilt

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