It's Your Friday Morning News Quiz -- Yes, There's a Prize

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Lemme tell you what I can get for $72 million...
Everyone is familiar with the concept -- perform well, receive compensation. That's why Keanu Reeves pulls in the big bucks. Now it's your turn. Send your perfect scores on this quiz here and the first one to ace it wins a prize. It's tax free (so they say).

1. Mark and Jannet Benz have offered a reward for the return of what stolen San Francisco-related items?

A. Lego renderings of city landmarks
B. Eyeglasses belonging to every mayor since Sunny Jim Rolph
C. A rare set of photographs from Harvey Milk's high school football days
D. Original recordings of Jimi Hendrix's seminal New Years 1969-1970 show at the Fillmore

2. A city controller's report this week revealed what disturbing fact about the San Francisco cigarette fee?

A. It has actually encouraged more people to smoke
B. It has actually cost the city millions of dollars
C. It has actually been over-utilized by the city treasurer, and thousands of small businesses are due refunds
D. It has actually shunted thousands of cigarette smokers to smokeless tobacco

3. The city's chief economist this week released a study on Mayor Gavin Newsom's pet plan to ease payroll taxes to spur city job growth. Newsom's plan would lead to the creation of 4,300 jobs this year and next -- at a cost of $72 million to the city. But how many jobs would be created if the city didn't do a damn thing?

A. 7,600
B. 14,000
C. 20,000
D. 65,000

It seems like last year's Wife-Carrying Championship was just yesterday...
4. What did the city announce this week it would give, for free, to qualifying low-income residents?

A. A job
B. An emotional support animal
C. Artwork
D. A toilet

5. What personal details did the San Francisco Chronicle this week publish about Judge Vaughn Walker, who is presiding over the Prop. 8 case in the city's federal courthouse?

A. His home address
B. His e-mail address
C. His sexuality
D. His golf handicap

6. Which of these things didn't one 22-Fillmore bus do on Super Bowl Sunday?

A. Drop a disabled rider off the wheelchair lift
B. Knock out a fire hydrant, flooding local businesses
C. Injure a Muni inspector
D. Sideswipe a bloodmobile

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