Epic Beard Man's Prior Conquests

Last week it was revealed that Thomas "Epic Beard Man" Bruso, the victor in the viral video of an AC Transit brawl, had last year gained fleeting Internet fame by getting himself Tased at an Oakland A's game. Of course, with a little simple Web sleuthing, it turns out that public transit fisticuffs and serving as a ballpark conductor are just the latest episodes of Epic Beard Man's history of brutal confrontations through time:

All images | Alexia Tsotsis
Say my name! Say my name!

Epic first-round knockout of Sonny Liston

I got your beachhead right here...
Epic victory at Guadalcanal

I told you not to *(&()* with me, Lee!
Epic acceptance of Confederate surrender at Appomattox Courthouse

Battle of Agincourt.jpg
We few (old motherfu**ers). We happy few...

Epic annihilation of the French at Agincourt

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