The Road to Hell: S.F. Potholes Going Unfilled

Well, eventually
Known as Senator Pothole, New York's Al D'Amato rode a reputation for attending to picayune constituent services to an 18-year career in the the U.S. Senate.

Gavin Newsom, who is poised to seek to extend his political career another four years with a bid to become lieutenant governor, might do well to follow suit.

According to the city Controller's "government barometer," a new service that dramatically simplifies statistics about the way the city provides services, the percentage of reported potholes filled within 72 hours fell to less than 50 percent in December, down from 88 percent a year earlier. In service barometer notation, that's a 45 percent worsening of road-smoothing services.

Looking at the bright side, our formerly booze-hawking mayor's accomplishments add up to a catchy slogan: "Tastes Great. Less Filling."

In other city public services news, new patients had to wait 29 days for a doctor appointment at a city clinic, up from 18 days a year earlier.

Reflecting the horrid economy, the value of construction projects for which new permits were issued declined from $197 million to $94 million, a drop of more than 50 percent.

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