Dragons in the Jamba Juice!

File this one under "you don't see that every day." We're still not sure what dragons eat, but it turns out we now know what they drink -- Jamba Juice!

Interesting things 089.jpg
Joe Eskenazi
No ticky tacky dragons here...

This still semi-clad troupe of Chinese dragon dancers celebrating the new year were spotted yesterday purchasing libations at the Jamba Juice in Daly City's Westlake neighborhood.

This, by the way, is the specific neighborhood in Daly City that inspired Malvina Reynolds' anti-suburbia lament, "Little Boxes."

There's no lyrics about dragon dancers in "Little Boxes," by the way. But while there may be a green one, and a blue one, and a pink one, and a yellow one -- the dragons are all not made of ticky tacky and they don't all look the same.

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