Demon Sheep Makes Encore In Another Absurd Republican Campaign Ad

And this time, the demon sheep breathes fire. There's also circus music involved in this asinine ad launched today by the Tom Harman for Attorney General 2010 campaign entitled,  "Steve Cooley is a Loser." Clearly, Harman's a real class act.

The context, for those who don't feel like wasting time, is that Harman's competition, Steve Cooley, the District Attorney of Los Angeles County, is a dubious Republican for his opposition of California's (ineffectual) three strikes law. The ad goes on to point out that Cooley even ran an anti-three strikes campaign, bankrolled by Johnnie Cochran's law partner.  

"If that's not scarier than demon sheep, than I don't know what," announces a goofball narrator. That statement is actually meaningless, considering that nothing is scarier than demon sheep. (Okay, maybe this comes close).

Disappointingly, there's no mention in the ad of how many tax dollars might be saved if people stopped ending up in prison -- based on the three strikes law -- for things like stealing a $3.99 packet of cheese. 
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