Dead Tree Digest: Police Brutality, Porn from the Past, and SF's *Other* Teabaggers in This Week's Print Edition

The Obi-Wan Kenobi of police brutality. A Tea Party Republican in lefty San Francisco. Pot smokers who fought the law -- and won. They're all crowded into the latest edition of SF Weekly.

Ever wonder who teaches cops to manhandle street punks? In this week's cover story, Matt Smith profiles Don Cameron, a police expert on the use of force. The former Berkeley and BART cop, who teaches officers how to take down unruly suspects, doubles as an expert witness hired out on behalf of errant cops in police brutality cases, Smith reports.

In other news, I report on the Tea Party movement's arrival in San Francisco, in the form of a radical Republican with his sights set on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's seat. (Good luck with that.) Ashley Harrell chronicles the jubilation among pot-smokers over the California Supreme Court's recent decision to overturn a law limiting Marijuana possession to 8 ounces, and Benjamin Wachs asks: With Dolores Park closed, where will all the hipsters go? 

In arts, movies, and culture, Chris Jensen offers a skeptical take on playwright Luis Alfaro's adaptation of the Oedipus myth into a Los Angeles barrio in Oedipus el Rey, while Karina Longworth pans director Garry Marshall's star-studded flop Valentine's Day. Bouncer columnist Katy St. Clair hates on a Marina-spawned Bachelor competitor from the comfort of a hotel bar, and Dan Savage advises a hubbie on a quest for the porn his wife filmed with her ex. (Good luck with that.)

So sidle up, light up, inhale deeply, and give us a read, partner. Just be sure the mysterious bachelorette sitting next to you isn't an unhinged undercover cop.
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