Bevan Dufty a Satisfied Urinal Owner
I call that a bargain -- the best I ever had
While informing us yesterday about the city's new program to provide environmentally friendly toilets for the city's low-income residents, Supervisor Bevan Dufty said something that bowled us over. He noted that he recently installed a urinal at his house -- something he's long wanted to do. 

"I'm a gay guy. When I remodeled, I decided I wanted a urinal; I'm open about the fact I've got a urinal in my house," he said. "During my daughter's preschool brunch for the kids and parents, it was a big hit with the boys."

Well, we totally get it. Having a urinal in one's home -- particularly a ballpark-style trough -- would be spectacular. If there's a place to rest your beer, that'd be even better. But how, exactly, is this a gay thing? Dufty thought a bit about that and replied that it isn't. It's a guy thing.

"I guess it wouldn't be any different if I was a straight guy. It's sort of the courtesy aspect of it. Guys don't have to think of the seat being up or down," he said. "It's always there and ready.

Well, that's brilliant. Dufty, who has a reputation as a conciliator, has solved the conundrum that has hamstrung male-female relations ever since Thomas Crapper revolutionized indoor plumbing. That's right, a gay man has solved the seat-up seat-down dilemma once and for all.

As for the specs, Dufty's pride and joy isn't the model you'd see in Dodger Stadium like the above snapshot but a Duravit waterless model. It ran him about 800 bucks and, yes, "my contractor thought I was crazy."

Crazy like a fox -- a fox who no longer has to worry about seat-up, seat-down. Free at last, free at last!

"I wanted a place you could have good parties in. This has that quality," Dufty said. "If people want to know more about waterless urinals, send a photographer over. My bathroom is pretty clean."

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