Former Warrior Adonal Foyle Implicated in NBA Book Trafficking Ring

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'Ringleader' Adonal Foyle, who has peculiar ideas about literacy and democracy

According to the Wall Street Journal, the sleepy Bay Area community of Orinda is at the center of an international book trafficking ring led by foreign recruits to the National Basketball Association.

According to the article, the NBA's recent immigration surge -- there are twice as many top-level players from foreign countries as a decade ago -- has also meant a surge in book-reading. This un-American habit is stoked by a book club operated out of the Orinda off-season home of Orlando Magic center Adonal Foyle, a former longtime Golden State Warrior originally hailing from the Grenadine Islands. According to teh Journal:

As their numbers grow, these players are also bringing a different sensibility to the locker room. While many of their American-born counterparts fill their down time with laptops, phones, DVD players, videogame consoles and iPods, these NBA imports like to kick it old school. They don't just read books, they often read the sorts of weighty tomes you may not associate with professional athletes.

Foyle, the Magic center, may be a ringleader, the report suggests.

Mr. Foyle started a book club recently with some nonbasketball friends and acquaintances and hosts discussions during the off-season at his home in Orinda, Calif.

In fact, Foyle even solicits members of the general public to join his book club.

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