'Gavin' Pants, Like Politician, Have Seen Better Days

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Look closely Below the words "Banana Republic." These are "Gavin" model dress pants
When pants are no longer useful to their owner, they may end up on a rack  at a store operated by Goodwill Industries International, Inc.

When politicians are no longer useful to constituents, they end up in their own private Goodwill.

So it was with concern that we noticed a pair of relatively unused Banana Republic "Gavin" model flat front dress pants hanging in the Goodwill store at the corner of Haight and Cole Streets.

By press time, Banana Republic spokeswoman Janelle Wiggins had not responded to questions about whether "Gavin" chinos were actually "Gavin Newsom" chinos, or whether the company planned any changes for that trouser model during 2010.

Naming a pair of fancy pants "Gavin" would seem a natural for Banana Republic, a division of San Francisco-based Gap, Inc. Newsom dresses nattily. Banana Republic "Gavins" are nice trousers. And Gap founder Don Fisher was an important backer of Gavin Newsom's political career.

However, things don't look good at the nexus of Don Fisher and Gavin Newsom. Sadly, Fisher recently died. Newsom recently dropped out of the governor's race. He last week gave a State of the City address so rich with platitudes and so low on specific plans that he seems committed to coasting the final two years of his mayoral term on his lack of laurels

Will Newsom end up like former California Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush, now a Florida deputy sheriff, or Gary Condit, who tried -- and failed -- to run a Baskin Robbins franchise?

It can't help that the one job we're aware of that Newsom ever obtained on his own merits, as opposed to family political connections, has been delivering podiatric orthotics. Now that there's no high-flying Newsom political career to bank on, will billionaires such as Walter Shorenstein and Gordon Getty no longer guarantee their protege an income?

Thankfully there's an organization set up to help people who "lack ... job experience, or face employment challenges."
Helping people from all backgrounds and walks of life to feel successful, valuable and dignified.

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