Who Can Help Us Read Our Picturesque Russian Spam?

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If the detritus littering your e-mail account's Spam filter at all resembles SF Weekly's you're seeing a curious uptick of Spam hailing from the Former Soviet Union. What does that make it -- "borscht"?

Yet while it's apparent these unwanted Cyrillic entreaties are ostensibly meant as a proposal for the exchange of goods and services -- at least we figure they want something from us -- we have no idea what the hell is on the table here.

If anyone can help us figure out what, exactly, is being hawked here -- and can make sense of what appear to be books featuring matronly women with a fondness for placing a hand on their spectacles, please fill us in. To wit:

Now in red!
Maybe her eyeglasses are just uncomfortable?
You see? If glasses are uncomfortable, you just take them off.
Then you can meet interesting people!
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