What a Difference a Flood Makes -- City's Sandbag Giveaway Going Gangbusters

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Turns out San Franciscans just love sand!
Money found is sweeter than money earned. True that -- people love to be given things. And yet, last month, when the city offered to give away up to 300 pounds worth of sandbags to any San Franciscan worried about flooding, hardly anyone responded. Only 110 sandbags were given away in the course of one December week.

On Monday we wondered if the citizenry's response to the city's renewed offer of free sandbags would be as tepid. It was not.

We had an inkling that folks were getting their fair share of sand when, even during the Martin Luther King holiday, people in the Department of Public Works corporation yard we reached on the phone told us they were busy. How busy is busy? Here are the numbers: 

Between Friday and yesterday afternoon, around 1,500 sandbags -- that's 15,000 pounds of sand -- were foisted off on nervous city residents. If you need some, head to the Department of Public Works corporation yard at 2323 Cesar Chavez (head straight for the guard shack at Kansas and Marin).

DPW spokeswoman Christine Falvey reports around 1,500 bags remain, and they'll soon restock and double that. "We like to keep a minimum of 3,000 on hand."

By the way -- those 1,500 sandbags represent a $4,125 giveaway from the city. But that kind of money adds up quickly if San Francisco employees need to spend time working on removing a lake from a private home or business.

Finally, if you live on Vicente out in the 40s, Shotwell and Folsom, or Cesar Chavez near the 101, and Cayuga next to the freeway -- Falvey suggests you consider taking up the city on its complimentary offer.

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