Three Bay Rider Motorcyclists Charged With Attempted Murder and Gang Allegations In Broadway Stabbing

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Three supposed members of the Bay Riders, a motorcycle club that police say is an affiliate of the Hells Angels, have been charged with assault and gang enhancements after one allegedly stabbed a victim during a brawl on Broadway Street in December.

This is the first San Francisco case to bring gang charges against members of the Bay Riders, a self-proclaimed club of "motorcycle enthusiasts" which formed after the shooting death of Mark "Papa" Guardado, the president of the Hells Angels San Francisco chapter in September 2008. Police say the Riders claim at least 30 members in the city, North Bay and the Peninsula, while keeping a clubhouse on 10th Street in SoMa. One of the late Guardado's sons, Dominic, told SF Weekly both he and his brother are Riders members in November, yet wouldn't talk about any affiliation with the Hells Angels. "We're all about the community," he said. "We're not around to intimidate people. We're motorcycle enthusiasts." (Click here to read the November article on the club.)

Police sources say neither of Guardado's sons appear to be involved in the December 18th stabbing. A handful of alleged Riders members had gone to the Broadway Showgirls Cabaret strip club on Broadway. Around 2:00 a.m., three of them got in a yelling match out on the street with another group of men while waiting for the valet. Once the black SUV arrived, the men piled in and followed the other group down the street, then exited to fight them some more, yelling "Get off my street, bitch, or I'll hurt you," according to the victim's statement to the police.
One of the supposed Bay Riders allegedly stabbed the victim in the heart and the neck, according to police records. Police found the victim - a college student whose name has not been released - lying on the ground, and was taken to General Hospital, where he was determined to be in critical condition. The men drove in the SUV, only to be stopped by police at Montgomery and Sacramento streets, where they found one of the men with blood on his bloods, hand, and head.

The three alleged Bay Riders are Angel Johansen, 27, from the peninsula; Jonathan O'Keefe, 22, from San Francisco, who was wearing a Bay Riders jacket at the time of the alleged crime, according to police records; and Heinrich Dorsch, 23, from the peninsula. The district attorney charged all three with assault with a deadly weapon; two counts of assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury; and participation in a criminal street gang. With additional gang allegations, the total prison sentence for all charges is 10 to 12 years, says the DA's spokesman Brian Buckelew.

The three defendants were arraigned on December 22, and have posted bail. Two of their attorneys were not immediately available for comment Thursday.
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