Times Square Billboard's Jilted Lover -- An SFSU Journalism Alum

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Be true to your school...
Well, it turns out that you can become rich and famous after graduating journalism school after all -- just not in the way you may have expected.

YaVaughnie Wilkins -- whose fifteen minutes of infamy have started ticking -- made national news when she took out large billboards in New York City's Times Square and Atlanta* pillorying the man she says abruptly curtailed their eight-year extra-marital affair, and returned to his wife. That man, incidentally, is Charles Phillips, an economic adviser to the president and Oracle exec. 

Before she was famous as the jilted woman who put up billboards of her longtime alleged lover, Wilkins, however, was a journalism student right here at San Francisco State University. Here are some of her clips.

Wilkins certainly has achieved "fame" -- and since purchasing those tell-all billboards may have cost a quarter of a million dollars, it figures she must have tapped into some fortune as well. Can you name a more prominent and well-heeled SFSU journalism alumnus on a moment's notice? Neither can we.

Finally, we called SFSU and asked longtime journalism staffers if they had any recollections of Wilkins. None we reached did. Hopefully for the folks we spoke with, Wilkins doesn't have any recollections of them, either.
*An earlier version of this story noted a San Francisco billboard. Apparently, there was no such thing.

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