Theresa Sparks' Campaign Manager: That Shit's Not Mine!

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That's a Snickers bar. We guarantee it.
District 6 Supervisorial candidate Theresa Sparks may only have declared her official intention to run yesterday, but she's been publicly deliberating her run for quite some time. In fact, her unofficial -- but soon to be paid and official -- campaign manager, Ryan Chamberlain, has been working with her for the better part of a month. Yes, that's his contact info at the bottom of her Web page.

In tapping Chamberlain for this post, Sparks has chosen something of the William Jennings Bryan of District 6. As the field director the Don Fisher-backed SFSOS, he was a key player in their Anybody But Chris Daly (ABCD) campaign in 2006. Lost that. Back in '02, he pushed for Michael Sweet against Daly. Lost that, too. One more loss and he'll equal Bryan's 0-for-3 showing.

But what many folks in D6 are most steamed about is something Chamberlain swears he did not do: Late in the '06 election, a flier began appearing on district residents' doorknobs. It was emblazoned with the text "The No. 1 reason to dump Chris Daly IS No. 1 ... and No. 2." And, to hammer home the message, photographs of a bottle of piss and a pile of excrement of undetermined origin were splattered across the ad.

While admitting those fliers were an SFSOS production, Chamberlain told SF Weekly he had nothing to do with them: "It's not my design, it's not my photos," he said. "Whenever someone is Googling me for political purposes, I know that pops up" he noted over this article in the Fog City Journal. 

And yet, the author of that article, Luke Thomas, told us that Chamberlain "admitted to me in person" that he took the photos for the urine-and-excrement flier.

In any event, Chamberlain accused Sparks' political foes of targeting him -- a former Republican (gasp!) -- to detract from "a pretty progressive candidate here."

"Only in San Francisco" is a trite and overused phrase. But to portray the transgender woman who used to run a sex toy company as a right-winger -- or, even more amazingly, the "establishment" candidate. Well, only in San Francisco.

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