The Crime That Just Keeps Giving -- Car Arsons Return to S.F.

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The "anything you can do I can do better" competition between unknown miscreants on both sides of the bay to see who can immolate more vehicles recorded a couple more San Francisco entries.

Sometime between midnight and noon on Sunday -- that's the window the San Francisco Police Department have given -- someone smashed in a car window on the 2200 block of 39th Avenue and ignited the interior. The car's owner discovered the vehicle burning, presumably sometime after noon.

Then, 12 hours later at around midnight this morning, another car went up in flames on 39th Avenue.

A woman walked out of her house on the 700 block of 39th to be confronted with smoke pouring out of her vehicle. Not only had someone smashed in the window and started a fire, the unknown arsonist also filched several items.

It warrants mentioning that 2200 and 700 39th Avenue are not a stone's throw apart; the former is in the Sunset/Parkside and the latter is on the other side of Golden Gate Park in the Outer Richmond. Still, police spokesman Officer Samson Chan notes that 39th Ave. is 39th Ave. and a possible connection between the burning cars is being investigated.

It also warrants mentioning that there's no way the cops are pinning this one on Fafa Chan. Sure, the SFPD seems to think the 62-year-old homeless woman was able to bend time and space to light a spate of Geary corridor car arsons last year. But no one has yet claimed Chan chan teleport from her cell and inflict mischief upon the city. At least not yet.

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