Suspect in Stabbing, Robbery of Cabbie Rode in Taxi -- Was Caught on Video

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The young man suspected of beating, knifing, and robbing a San Francisco cabbie in the Castro last night was the driver's fare, reports the San Francisco Police Department -- and the suspect's image was caught by the taxi's on board camera.

The cab driver -- whose name has not yet been released -- was reportedly close to death last night but is currently in "non-life-threatening condition" according to police spokesman Officer Samson Chan. The driver gave an interview to police today.

A somewhat more detailed description of the suspect than the nebulous "black man in a hoodie" initially released to the media is now available. The suspect is believed to be a black man in his 20s who wore a dark, puffy, hooded jacket -- perhaps a parka -- dark pants, and dark tennis shoes.

The police have not released any information regarding in what part of town the suspect boarded the taxi. Chan also couldn't disclose just how clear an image of the suspect was caught by the taxi's camera.

SF Weekly's calls to the wounded driver's taxi cab company have not yet been returned. 

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