Suspect in Robbery, Stabbing of Cabbie Balvinder Singh Apparently Left Phone in Cab

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Not the phone in question, incidentally
Yesterday, we wondered how the "excellent witnesses" lauded by the San Francisco Police Department led to the arrest of Bruce Griffin, the man suspected of robbing and stabbing cabbie Balvinder Singh on Jan. 11, nearly killing the veteran driver.

Well, having excellent witnesses is ... excellent. But it turns out that having a man on parole for robbing a cabbie leave his cell phone in the cab of a cabbie he's just allegedly robbed is even better.

The police have also indicated that the image of the man who attacked Singh was caught in the taxi's on board camera. That's helpful too -- but not as helpful as the phone (UPDATE, Friday: SF Weekly has learned some interesting details regarding the blood-soaked cell phone Griffin allegedly left in the taxi; for one thing it rang and police answered it. The man on the other end asked for Bruce.).

Update: 8:08 a.m. -- Police spokeswoman Lieutenant Lyn Tomioka just confirmed on the record the scoop KTVU heard from a "source": the cell phone allegedly belonging to Bruce Griffin was left behind in Singh's cab. "It seems that when he was assaulting the driver he may have needed both hands and he dropped it," said Tomioka.

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