Sparking Interest: The Year in Marijuana Reporting

In San Francisco, Marijuana is always a topic of interest. This past year saw the city dealing with the ins and outs of medical Marijuana and grappling with a debate over decriminalization. Here are some of our most read posts on the issues.

Get Up, Stand Up: Ammiano Introduces Marijuana Legalization Bill to the Press

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano's press conference this morning announcing his Marijuana-legalization bill started punctually and stayed relentlessly on-point -- thereby denying a barb to every journalist present. Read More.

Chronic City: Yes, I'm a Medical Marijuana Patient. No, I'm Not Sorry.

There are many among us who obviously harbor some enormous moral judgments about Marijuana and about those who legally use it as medicine -- as if we should somehow feel guilty about the relief that is afforded us through using this herb. Read More.
Mark Leno Introduces 'Joint Resolution' Urging End to Crackdowns on Medical Pot. We Are Not Making This Up.
med sign.jpg
Sen. Mark Leno today announced today he has introduced a "joint resolution" to end the federal crackdown on medical Marijuana use in California. While this is a matter of serious legislation, one can't help but notice the howler of a Marijuana-related "joint" resolution. Leno's spokeswoman, Ali Bay, confirmed that this was not an attempt at a cute double-entendre by the senator; "We do not have any choice in the wording." If you're going to introduce legislation simultaneously to both houses, this is what you've got to call it. So there you go. Read more.

S.F. Sheriff: Decriminalize Marijuana Now

Sherriff Mike Hennessey accepted Carol Ruth Silver's resignation from his department over her concerns that the War on Drugs is an unjust failure that ought to be called off. But he sympathizes with her contentions. Read more.

Marijuana Legalization TV Ads to Hit Airwaves Today

tv ad.JPG
At a time when the governor and legislature have all but exchanged small arms fire over Arnold Schwarzenegger's insistence on a "no new taxes budget," a group of Californians today will begin airing ads pleading for the right to pay more taxes. Of course, a number of stations, including at least a pair here in San Francisco, proved to be as fond of these ads as the governor is of taxes -- because the Californians in question are, as they put it, "Marijuana consumers" hoping to benefit the state's coffers via government regulated and taxed pot, a scenario proposed earlier this year by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano. Read More.

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