Prop. 8 Trial Roundup: Gay Couples Don't Want To Be 'Glorified Roommates'

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A roundup of the action on Day One of the Proposition 8 trial at San Francisco's Federal Courthouse.

The attorney for the Prop. 8 backers argues: "Marriage is essentially the sexual embodiment of the man and the woman who formed the marital union." Did this guy not get the news that marriage is the end of sex? You think if he's so disgusted with gay sex, he'd want them to marry. [The Advocate]

The opening statements from the gay couple's attorney reiterate that marriage is "the most important relation in life." Sorry, Netflix. [American Foundation for Equal Rights]

As goes California, so goes the nation? Equality California's director weighs in on whether this verdict will spread quicker than the swine flu in an audio interview. [Pam's House Blend]

The Prop. 8 opponents remind us that having the gay married neighbors won't affect your hetero-marriage one bit. With 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, that means you're probably still doomed. [Think Progress]

Milk screenwriter says he doesn't want today's gay kids to feel they're second-class citizens. Was that in the script? [KCBS]

Plaintiff Paul Katami testifies that keeping gay people from marrying doesn't "protect your children." [The Seminal]

Plaintiff Sandy Stier testifies that having been once married to a man does not make her sexually wishy-washy. Also, being "domestic partners" doesn't cut it: "We're not business partners or social partners or glorified roommates; we want to be married." [Prop 8 Trial Tracker]  

For conspiracy theorists, was nefarious voter fraud at play in the passage of Prop. 8 in the first place? [Queerty]

The view from the other side: former President Ronald Reagan's attorney general is worried about the fact this trial is taking place in our gay-lovin' city of San Francisco. [The New York Times]
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