Mr. January: Public Defender Sends Out His Annual Calendar

Richard Bui
Great pictures for an annual report...
Public Defender Jeff Adachi hopes he's hit upon his own chocolate and peanut butter combination when it comes to marketing his office. He's always had an annual report, and he's got an ace photographer working in his IT department so ... why not toss everything together and release an annual report/wall calendar with high-contrast black-and-white images?

Why not indeed.

"One thing I learned through the budget process last year is if you can't make your case to City Hall, you gotta make it to the people," said Adachi, whose frequent run-ins with the mayor and his allies throughout the budget process inspired us to create the keyword "Budget Chicken." "People may watch Law & Order, but they don't necessarily understand the other side." 

The end result is slick, easy-on-the-eyes brochure for Adachi's office with top-notch, evocative photos, easily absorbed and very positive factoids, and a convenient little hole at the top so you can hang it on the wall. As was the case with other fliers and mailers Adachi has distributed, he paid for this out of his campaign funds; he says it cost $3,000 plus some time from him and his staff and was largely completed in two weeks. You can see it online here. "It's a free country," Adachi says, "And this is what I choose to spend my money on." 

Lots of stats for a calendar...
But while this calendar is missing only a catchy theme song, it likely won't suddenly possess Mayor Gavin Newsom to capitulate in his long-running budgetary feud with the Public Defender. And, in San Francisco, if the mayor doesn't want to spend money on a program, it doesn't get spent

When asked if a wall calendar could alter his relationship with Newsom, Adachi laughed. "Well, you never know," he says. "I was at his state of the city speech. He seems to be back in rare form. And I'll make my pitch again, as I always do. It's part of my job."

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