Welcome to the New Year. Libertarians Are Still Unhappy.

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All told, you can't blame the stalwarts who still pledge allegiance to the Libertarian Party for being bummed these days.

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Is hope dead?
Their last presidential candidate, Bob Barr, was denounced by one of the national media's most prominent libertarians -- former SF Weekly Editor Jack Shafer -- as "a chowderhead's chowderhead." Both the previous and current occupants of the White House have shown no particular aversion to expanding the federal government for sundry purposes. And let's face it: The postal service, that eternal symbol of totalitarian government that Libertarians love to loathe, is still going strong.

Just in case you weren't assured of Libertarian angst heading into 2010, however, the party yesterday put out a press release detailing the "Top 10 disasters of the Obama administration." Among them: "Post office loses money hand over fist" (!), "War escalation in Afghanistan," and "Cash for Clunkers." (The last program, a federal rebate encouraging consumers to buy more fuel-efficient cars, has surely weighed heavily on the minds of any American citizen of conscience.)

But wait -- there's a clever part! The Libertarian statement also includes a "Top 10 disasters of the 2001-2008 Bush administration," and, get this: MANY OF THE DISASTERS ARE SIMILAR OR THE SAME! (The post office was apparently losing money during the aughts under Bush as well as Obama.) To read the Libertarians' full release, click here.

What can we say. December goes, January comes, and a principled minority party hews to an ideological rigidity that distances it once again from the levers of power. Welcome to 2010, constant Snitch readers: Ain't nothin' changed.

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