Landlord Violates Rent Control -- With 'Large Knife'

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I've got your Ellis Act right here...
Virtually every San Franciscan has his or her own landlord horror story. It may involve bogus move-in evictions, rent-gouging, or even housing the landlord's mentally imbalanced son in the apartment next door, where he plays the bongos for hours on end to stave off the troubling breakdowns in which he breaks the furniture and smashes the windows.

Well, a Bernal Heights tenant can top all that. On Monday, the police were called to the 700 block of San Jose Avenue to intercede in a landlord-renter dispute that culminated when "the landlord wielded a large kitchen knife at the tenant and threatened to kill the tenant."

This, we believe, would qualify as both a rent control violation and wrongful eviction. 

The tenant decided that this was not the time to make a stand for renters' rights, and fled the confrontation. He or she called police, who arrested the landlord  on aggravated assault charges.

Insert your own Paul Hogan "that's not a knife ... that's a knife" joke here.

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