Keeping Up With the Joneses: What Is S.F. Government's Most Popular Name?

Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones...
A long day of phoning government employees on a holiday and leaving the identical message can drive both you -- and everyone within earshot of you -- insane. Well, sickness will surely take the mind where minds can't usually go -- and on on our amazing journey, I decided I must know ... how many people named Ramirez are employed by the city of San Francisco.

And, hey, it's 10. In short, after a long, fruitless day perusing the city's online phone directory, curiosity got the better of me and I began to wonder what the most popular names are among city employees. Here are the results: 

(Note: Not everyone listed in the directory is still working for the city; Yomi Agunbiade is in there. ).

Wong: 128

Lee: 123

Chan: 72

Smith: 46

Williams: 45

Johnson: 49

Jones: 41

Ng: 34

Brown: 33

Gonzalez: 30

Martinez: 28

Yee: 28

Chin: 27

Fong: 26

Leung: 25

Chen: 25

Lim: 23

Young: 23

Davis: 22

Lam: 21

Nguyen: 21

Lau: 21

Gee: 20

Ho: 20

Thompson: 19

Jackson: 18

Garcia: 18

Wilson: 17

Perez: 17

Chow: 17

Anderson: 17

Flores: 16

Lopez: 16

Sullivan: 15

Liu: 15

Woo: 15

Wu: 15

Martin: 15

Reyes: 14

Henderson: 14

Sanchez: 14

Kim: 14

Hernandez: 14

Eng: 14

Tse: 13

Kwan: 13

White: 13

Castillo: 13

Miller: 13

Mitchell: 13

Shaikh: 12

Kelly: 12

Phillips: 12

Li: 12

Ma: 12

Clark: 11

Chang: 10

Ramirez: 10

Well. Compiling that made me feel more crazy. And before the Guardian wants to run through my numbers or do any kind of demographic adjustments compared to other cities (or city-counties), let it be known I may have miscounted one or two. And, finally, there's only one Newsom on the city's payroll. He works in publicity. 

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