Josh Wolf and Recently Arrested ACORN Pimp Pose as Journalists For Commonwealth Club

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Is that so?
If any canned reporters want to hear a enlightened discussion on what passes as "journalism" these days, check out this little gem at the Commonwealth Club on Monday night: Josh Wolf, the activist who got thrown in federal prison for refusing to hand over footage of an anti-G8 protest, will be moderating a conversation with James O'Keefe. You may remember him as the conservative lampooner famous for sinking ACORN's reputation via a pimp 'n' ho film -- who was arrested earlier this week in an alleged plot to wiretap Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu's phones.

O'Keefe may be entertaining provocateur, and a new lion of right-leaning media, but should we label his Candid Camera stunts "journalism"? In this day in and age, does simply tweeting "I am a journalist. The truth shall set me free," as O'Keefe did this week after released from jail really make you one? The Commonwealth Club certainly went for it, naming the panel "Undercover Journalism," and billing him as an "investigative journalist and filmmaker."

On that front, he and Wolf should have plenty to talk about.

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