It's Your Friday Morning News Quiz -- With Three Prizes!

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Time for a new entry: Tellin' off President Obama!
Allow us to once again congratulate last week's news quiz winner Jaclyn Abergas -- and remind her that the large, white tiger stuffed animal she earned is still waiting for her. Seriously, he's crowding me out of my own desk here.

This weeks' winners will have three prizes to choose from: A black Corona beanie hat; a pair of SF Weekly portable speakers for your computer or iPod that "sound better than you'd think" according to our sources; and The Girl in Alfred Hitchcock's Shower, the latest book by Zodiac author Robert Graysmith. Good luck! First one to send a flawless response to us here is the winner.

1. Why were City Hall workers forced to evacuate and stand in the rain yesterday?

A. A man incensed by Gavin Newsom's repeated excoriations of President Obama threatened to shoot up the building
B. Security overreacted after a legislative aide made a quip about "dropping a bomb in the men's room"
C. A staffer set off a smoke alarm by using a hair dryer
D. Chris Daly pulled the fire alarm in solidarity with laid-off SEIU workers

2. Mayor Gavin Newsom seemed to pretty explicitly tell the New York Times' Maureen Dowd he was done with politics after his term is up in 2012 -- though, of course, his spokesman backtracked for him. Where does Gavin foresee himself working?

A. Home Depot
B. Liberal think-tank
C. A wine store
D. Real estate office

3. How much money did the newly installed CEO of the Bay Area News Project tell SF Weekly she'd be earning yearly?

A. $50,000
B. $150,000
C. $400,000
D. $600,000

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We hardly knew ye, answer to question No. 4...
4. Which organization dropped dead this week?

A. Air America Radio
C. The U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
D. The Alameda Times-Star

5. What San Francisco-centric flavor of the horrifically named new snack "Hippie Chips" just hit store shelves?

A. Fisherman's Wharf Old Salts
B. Golden Gate Park Jerky
C. Mission Carnitas Crunch
D. Haight Ashbury Jalapeno

6. According to the city's Restroom Task Force -- yes, it exists -- how much will it cost, on average, to replace or renovate neighborhood park bathrooms?

A. $67,000
B. $147,000
C. $251,000
D. $391,000

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