It's Your Friday Morning News Quiz -- Still With a Prize!

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Get your stopwatches out, I'm gonna talk about the budget now...
Congratulations to last week's quiz winner, Adam Visconti! Apparently it was the thrill of victory that fueled Adam and not the lure of a large white tiger stuffed animal. Adam politely declined his rightful prize, claiming it wouldn't fit in his apartment (time to call the San Francisco Tenants Union, Adam!). So this week's winner has the choice of the white tiger or a nifty skateboard that was, inexplicably, delivered to our office. First one to e-mail a perfect score here is the winner. And on with the show...

1. Mayor Gavin Newsom this week spared the world a second seven-and-a-half hour YouTube monstrosity and simply delivered a normal state-of-the-city speech. In his 80-minute speech, how much time did he spend discussing the city's looming $522.2 million shortfall?

A. 10 minutes
B. Three-and-a-half minutes
C. One-and-a-half minutes
D. None whatsoever

2. Gavin again! On Thursday, the mayor announced plans to clean up the mid-Market area -- this time for real! While mayors going back to days of cave dwellers have made similar pledges, what was different about Newsom's address?

A. He delivered it in song
B. He held his press conference in a sausage restaurant
C. He didn't use any gel and parted his hair
D. He was late and kept the media twiddling his thumbs

3. Chris Daly told SF Weekly that getting only one committee assignment was:

A. "A huge fucking slight. Huge."
B. A great opportunity for him to cultivate his successor
C. "Meh."
D. Just what he'd come to expect from this board president

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Not that Bruce Lee...
4. Bruce Lee Griffin, suspected of beating, stabbing, and robbing cab driver Balvinder Singh on Jan. 11, allegedly left what sensitive item behind in the taxi?

A. His American Express card
B. His business card
C. His phone
D. His cap, with his name on the tag

5. San Francisco this week lost out on hosting what sporting event?

A. The Olympics
B. The World Cup
C. The Super Bowl
D. The Air Guitar Championships

6. How did Assemblyman Tom Ammiano make history this week?

A. He became the first Democrat to shift to the Green Party in the Assembly
B. He was the first Assemblyman to ride a motorcycle into the Capitol Building
C. His Marijuana legalization bill passed a committee vote
D. He introduced a bill to legalize prostitution

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