Dogs and Their People Now Resemble One Another More Than Ever

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Joe Eskenazi
Matching grays with a dog is a kindly thing to do -- after all, they're colorblind
It seems you can't just outfit your San Francisco doggie in any old sweater. As captured in the photo above -- and in many, many trips to the supermarket -- the thing to do is match your outfit to your dog's. And if your pet has no clothes to speak of -- well, frankly, that's uncivilized.

Just a few steps away from this gray doggie and his gray-legged master, Lower Haight regulars hung out at the Animal House Pet Mercantile; it was like Cheers, but with doggie treats and bouncy balls instead of Rhea Perlman and beer.

The canine-centric crowd agreed that matching one's cur's affects to one's own was par for the course. But going beyond colors and into styles -- "that's kinda weird," offered one regular.

But here's something even more weird:

For the veteran dog in your life
Yes, that's a camouflage dog jacket -- so you can match your pet while dressing like a commando and scaring the hell out of everyone near and far. And, yes, that jacket cost $85 --quite a bit more than a real camo jacket at the Army-Navy store.

But who can put a price on good taste ?


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