Death By Boom Box? Some Details Emerge in Potentially Lethal Radio Attack.

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Edward Holloway is known around the Tenderloin as a violent and impulsive transient. This weekend the 54-year-old might have really gone too far.

Around 1:30 on Saturday morning, Holloway began inexplicably yelling inside a Carl's Junior, and when a man sitting in the restaurant challenged him, Holloway struck that man in the head. With a boom box.

According to police spokesman Sergeant Wilfred Williams, Holloway hit the man on the side of the head, ostensibly swinging the boom box like a baseball bat, and knocking his victim unconscious.

When Matthew Adams, 38, came to, he said he was fine and refused medical attention. Williams said Adams also declined to "further the case" at that time.  But later, he returned home and may have experienced complications from the attack. Adams' girlfriend, who witnessed the incident, found Adams dead in his room at 1169 Market Street around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Although it's uncommon, people have been known to die from bleeding in or around the brain that can result from a blow to the head. Sometimes those deaths do occur hours after the incident. The Medical Examiner is investigating if the boom box-blow to the head was the cause of Adams' death.

On Sunday, police tracked Holloway down and arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon. The case is being investigated as a homicide while results from the medical examiner's office are pending.

Holloway's rap sheet, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, included numerous arrests for violent incidents such as a stabbing and an assault with a baseball bat and a beer can. (He was never prosecuted for those). There were also 11 outstanding warrants for Holloway's arrest.

UPDATE: It's a homicide all right...

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