Committee Assignments are Here! Which Supes Got Screwed?

But that's a loser committee!
The day the board president hands out committee assignments to the city supervisors always feels just a bit like junior high school. Who's the new boy? Who got all his electives? Who's stuck taking woodshop in seventh period? Who'll sit at the cool kids' table? Who'll get noticed?

We've eyeballed the assignments laid down by headmaster ... uh, supervisor David Chiu. All but one of our half-dozen or more calls haven't been returned, so we can't say for certain what the thought process was behind these moves.

In any event, here are the new committee assignments, followed by some snap judgments:

Budget & Finance John Avalos, Chair Ross Mirkarimi, Vice Chair Sean Elsbernd, Member Sophie Maxwell, Temporary Member David Campos, Temporary Member

City Operations & Neighborhood Services Carmen Chu, Chair John Avalos, Vice Chair Sean Elsbernd, Member

City & School District Bevan Dufty, Chair Michela Alioto-Pier, Vice Chair Chris Daly, Member

Government Audits & Oversight Ross Mirkarimi, Chair Eric Mar, Vice Chair Sophie Maxwell, Member

Land Use & Economic Development Sophie Maxwell, Chair Eric Mar, Vice Chair David Chiu, Member

Public Safety David Chiu, Chair Ross Mirkarimi, Vice Chair Bevan Dufty, Member

Rules Committee David Campos, Chair Michela Alioto-Pier, Vice Chair Eric Mar, Member

  • Wow, that's a lot of committees for Eric Mar to do nothing on 
  • Bevan "I'm Running For Mayor!" Dufty hasn't really gotten a lot of high-profile assignments. Will he benefit by playing it safe, or will this hurt him? He made his big stand on Muni efficiency when he was chair of City Operations -- a committee he's no longer even on. Dufty hasn't yet called us back, so we don't know how he's feeling about this.
  • At first glance one might think Daly was being sent some sort of message: He was dropped off the powerful Rules Committee and City Operations and placed on Schools -- a committee no one really wants. Daly, however, says his requests were met: He's wanted to get off City Operations for some time, and told Chiu he didn't want to serve on three-person committees with David Campos anymore. Say what? Well, Daly says that since the Brown Act essentially prohibits a quorum from a committee from meeting outside that committee, "In a year, I haven't had a real meaningful dialog with David Campos outside of rules committee." Also, Daly hopes these new assignments help him cultivate the next "majority whip" on the board -- Campos and/or John Avalos. "I love Eric Mar, but he may not have the temperment" for such a post, says Daly. So, that's his story, then.   
  • New Father Sean Elsbernd begged off the budget committee last year. Well, his ornery ass is back! Since Elsbernd has repeatedly told anyone who'll ask that he doesn't see a longterm future in elected office, it'll be interesting to see him put forth his heartfelt ideas.
  • That being said, this is a very left-leaning budget committee, so Elsbernd may not be able to make much headway. Incidentally, being on budget committee when the city is massively in debt isn't much fun. Handing out cash makes you everybody's buddy, but taking money away from people will make you enemies for life. Elsbernd isn't out to make friends and Maxwell is termed out -- but Mirkarimi and Avalos may be in for a hell of a ride.   
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