Chris Daly Vows to Say 'Fuck' at Every 2010 Board Meeting -- For the Greater Fucking Good

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Chris Daly had a pretty fucking funny idea
While other news publications might have you think that Supervisor Chris Daly is going to be uttering the letter F and a couple of dashes at every city meeting this year, SF Weekly can assure you -- the man's gonna say "fuck."

In the one-millionth example of how off-the-cuff Facebook updates can sometimes have unintended consequences, Daly's Web pledge that he'd curse at every meeting this year produced a cavalcade of Web comments on his page and then hit the media. So, Daly figured, what the fuck? He'll do it. For a while at least.

"If it's anything like last year's resolution to go to the gym more, I'll probably peter out by February," said Daly. "But that doesn' t mean you can't have a strong January."

When SF Weekly asked Daly just what the fuck he was thinking, he replied that the Guardian -- which annually publishes a list of New Year's resolutions for everyone else -- had suggested Daly refrain from uttering "fuck" at any more board meetings (the supervisor had a Tourettes-like burst to finish up 2009 in style). So he decided to take things a different way.

And, who knows? Maybe this can be a move for the greater fucking good. Daly notes that he's gotten plenty of calls about his New Year's fucking resolution that have enabled him to talk about policy matters that are near and dear to him. "Maybe I can parlay some of the intrigue around this 2010 resolution and start getting some attention for important issues, like environmental racism. Maybe I can start calling it 'fucking environmental racism.'"

Can he turn this into a charitiable fund-raising opportunity? He admits that would be a really fucking cool thing to do. But we'll see. We'll fucking see -- but not in front of the kids.

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