Chris Daly Says Chris Daly Making Bad Name for Chris Dalys

Supervisor Chris Daly made headlines nationwide last week, when he vowed to channel George Carlin and utter the word "fuck" at every board meeting this year. Fair enough. But Daly has inadvertently made life a little more difficult for a group he ought to be able to identify with -- people named Chris Daly.

We caught up with one such gentleman, a 34-year-old Chris Daly residing in Boston where he's a programmer. Following his profane namesake's pledge to institutionalize his profanity, Boston Daly's pals began razzing him about it on his Facebook page.

"Personally, I think this is very funny," said Boston Chris Daly. "But, then, I'm not a constituent. It doesn't seem terribly effective for me; as an elected official it doesn't seem very professional. But, as someone in Boston reading about him, it's kinda funny."

Boston Chris Daly did have one solid word of advice for his San Francisco namesake: Why limit yourself to just "fuck"?

"Maybe people could just swear more in general," continued Boston Daly. "Maybe he could work a few 'shits' in there. He shouldn't get his vocabulary nailed down to just one word."

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