Chris Daly Questions Chris Daly's (Fucking) Gumption

Earlier this month, Supervisor Chris Daly got a shitload of free publicity when he pledged to utter "fuck" at every board meeting for the rest of the year. There are those who say that there is no such thing as bad publicity. They're wrong.

Daly, like Gerardo Sandoval before him, was lampooned on FOX News. Sandoval, you'll recall, came off like a cracking ass by telling Alan Colmes -- Colmes! The liberal patsy! -- we shouldn't have a military. And you saw how well that went. We elected Sandoval a judge.

Daly's bombast also led to fallout for men named Chris Daly who hadn't thrice won elected office and decidedly hadn't made a national name for themselves via profanity. SF Weekly earlier this month got a hold of a 34-year-old Boston programmer named Chris Daly who'd been razzed a bit by his pals. Reached again for comment regarding his San Francisco namesake's suddenly clean language -- the supervisor has gone from saying "fuck" to fuck all -- Boston Daly reacted with disappointment.

"People need to know that when someone representing them makes promises that he's going to deliver," said Boston Daly.

When asked what he hoped what his namesake had done during his more profane era -- which wa short-lived, when you think about it -- Boston Daly replied "He should have taken the opportunity to do his own version of 'The Aristocrats' joke."

Well, that sounds like a capital idea -- much better than abolishing the military. If Daly wants to do his own version of "The Aristocrats" -- preferably during a government meeting, but we're flexible -- we'll bring our camcorder.

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