Chris Daly In No Hurry to Handpick His Successor

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Last week, SF Weekly grilled Supervisor Chris Daly's potential progressive successors in District 6 about whether they desired the mixed bag that is Daly's official blessing. Both Debra Walker and Jane Kim hemmed and hawed. "Chris' endorsement really helps and it can really hurt in District 6. He's aware of that, too," admitted Kim. Only Jim Meko admitted unabashedly that he'd welcome the endorsement.

Well, whichever candidate Daly deigns to hand a rose to is going to have to wait. For a while. The supervisor told SF Weekly that he is in no hurry to annoint a successor.

"I want the candidates to have the opportunity to prove their mettle in the district," he said. He didn't predict naming any names until well into 2010 (though he has let it slip he's no fan of Theresa Sparks).

When asked about the benefits and detriments of his endorsement, Daly noted that it may well be "the kiss of death" out of District 6 -- "but my name is good in my district."

"I may only poll 51 percent, but 51 percent wins the election. And it definitely wins in a four-candidate race."

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