Lactating Women -- Haiti Needs Your Breast Milk

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Helping Haiti doesn't have to only pump your pocketbook. Use your breasts.

A slew of human breast milk associations (yes, there are many) are imploring women with a generous heart and lactating bosoms to donate their milk to the closest milk bank -- which, in our case, is in San Jose. The first shipment of human milk will be sent this week to the U.S. Navy Ship Comfort, where Haitian babies are receiving care at a neonatal intensive care unit. The organizations will be shipping more milk for older infants on land as soon as the infrastructure is in place.
In a Valencia Street store window: Hope For Haiti
Not to start a breast-milk-vs-formula mommy war here, but isn't it easier to just send boxes of powder? Turns out the answer is no. Formula requires water, which is unavailable and contaminated in disasters, according to UNICEF and the World Health Organization. You learn something everyday.

The press release from the International Lactation Consultant Association said to call the San Jose milk bank for details on donating milk, but the lady who answered the phone refused to answer any questions and said we'd have to talk to the executive director tomorrow. C'mon, lady, the premature babies of Haiti are going hungry, and we have to wait until tomorrow to see how people can donate some milk? What part of the phrase "emergency response" are we missing, here?

The breast milk associations also urge regular old cash donations to emergency aid organizations, since the faster Haitian mothers are healthy, the faster they can breastfeed their own babies.

Anyways, give the San Jose bank a call. And we'll update tomorrow when we hear back.

Be a Haitian baby's breast friend

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