Bitter Pill of Muni Maintenance Cuts: More Breakdowns Mean More Overtime

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Jim Herd
More overtime, please!
San Francisco's transit system is facing a $16.9 million budget gap. Muni bureaucrats are meeting Friday morning to weigh proposals to cut service, double fees to youth, seniors and the disabled, and dismiss drivers. Fair enough.

But no one is suggesting Muni take away the overtime enjoyed by its mechanics. Their overtime pay is actually expected to increase during the coming year.

According to a report delivered earlier this month to the Board of Supervisors by Muni chief Nat Ford, between March 7 and Oct. 30 of last year, 232 employees in the system's operations division -- women and men who work on buses, rail systems, switches, and other infrastructure -- amassed overtime hours totaling 16 percent or more of their regular hours.

Staff cuts envisioned during the coming period will actually increase the number of overtime hours worked, Ford reported.

"Overtime in the Transit Operations Division will more than likely increase due to budget deficit, reduction in maintenance divisions, and an aging vehicle fleet," Ford wrote.

You can read the report here:

Muni Operations.doc

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